Trixie Dog Training Whistle

Trixie Dog Training Whistle

Trixie Dog Training Whistle

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Dogs react primarily to sounds and acoustic signals, and not to language. Therefore the whistle is optimal for training and hunting as the sound can hardly be heard. Its sound is clearly different from the usual sounds that surround your dog every day. Please note that a light whistle is completely sufficient, as sounds that are too loud can frighten your dog.

Dogs have a significantly wider range of sounds and perceive the sounds of a high-frequency whistle with the same volume as the sounds from a normal dog whistle.  With the high-frequency whistle, the pitch is individually adjustable. With the help of the adjusting screw underneath the plastic cap (frequency protection) you can choose the the pitch suitable for your dog. The higher sounds are for a close range, the lower sounds for longer distances. The pitch can be fixed with the nut below the the adjusting screw. Tip: if the cap cannot be removed, please hold the whistle under warm water.

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